We offer one or two-day events in which there is space for your team to build social capital that will glue your organisation together, creating a strong foundation for growth and positive change.


Through a technique called 'open space' your team will create their own content that is relevant to your organisation - we just give you the tools to explore it.

 Use ofspacee

There will be different areas of the venue designated for each of the intelligence types where participants will be able to take part in activities that explore topics relevant to the topic determined in the 'open space' technique. During the event we encourage people to find what fits with who they are, because then they'll contribute their best. We also encourage people to experiment with new ways of doing things, as often when someone's out of their comfort zone they have the most fun.


We offer either a one or two-day event.



We can hold the event at your office or hold it at the venue of your choice: if you're stuck for location ideas, we know lots of venues that work well.


During the event your team will generate a lot of useful information on topics that will benefit your organisation, so we'll provide you with all the recorded information to process. Alternatively, we can process the outputs of the event for a small added cost.


For an extra cost we can provide additional services which include processing the outputs from your event, providing a professional photographer or videographer to document the day, and facilitation card packs for you to run similar events in-house.





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